about us

preenTec AG is a material science company located in Marly (FR) Switzerland.
We are specialized in the synthesis of spherical particles from a broad range of materials and a broad range of size.

preenTec’s focus is the design of particle related smart products for all industries. Our experience in microencapsulation and other immobilization techniques as well as in the production of micro- and nanoparticles, enables us to provide product solutions in order to meet any clients needs.

We offer product development, contract research, licensing of proprietary technologies and customer oriented manufacturing from the kilo to multi-ton scale.


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  • Electron microscope picture of an acrylic bead
  • Ru-bipy in acrylic matrix / Nanobeads
  • photoluminescent beads / acrylic
  • .. chemist at work !
  • Ru-bipy NP's / fluorescence microscopy
  • Ru-bypy octaeder built-up in bead
  • photoluminescent beads / alginate
  • alginate beads with fluorophore particle
  • produced by dispersion polymerization (mean size 72 micrometers)
    microparticles: acrylamide-co-acrylic acid produced by dispersion polymerization (mean size 72 micrometers)
  • Titanium dioxid beads
  • alginat beads / dripping process
  • fluoro-beads in beads
  • Dextran beads / emulsion polymerization
  • SAP beads / acrylic / dripping
  • perfect SAP beads !
  • SAP beads / acrylic / dripping
  • Encapsulated bacteria in alginate beads
    one bug per bead ! Encapsulated bacteria in alginate beads
  • alginate beads / laminar jet