preenTec has a long line of polymer- and copolymer products for use in a wide range of applications in industrial markets.

We are able to encapsulate and immobilize a multitude of biological, organic and/or inorganic substances in biocompatible matrixes up to the multi-ton scale at our production plants.

Many of our synthesized polymer particles are based on water soluble monomers. Therefore a permanent water diffusion through the polymer is given. The initially encapsulated active slow-release compound is allowed to slowly diffuse out of the polymeric matrix. We can control the diffusion speed by adapting the polymer’s mesh-width and appropriate side chains. The active slow-release compound may be a bioactive chemical such as a drug, fungicide, bactericide, insecticide, herbicide or even a colour.

The slow-release effect can even be activated or stopped by light, pH variation or temperature - many of our slow-release polymers are based on SAP Technology.


preenTec offers:

  • the development and production of functional materials
  • process development of micro- and nanospheres
  • spherical particle synthesis
  • SAP material design
  • customer oriented manufacturing
  • licensing of proprietary technologies
  • OEM

please contact us in order to discuss your specific needs -

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